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Production of business statistics renewed

Statistics Finland has renewed its production of business statistics. The review concerns more than ten sets of statistics, where a gradual introduction of the new production system was started in November 2013.

Statistics Finland's Business Register will be in future utilised more than before in the production of key business statistics. We have been able to decrease the number of data collections by removing overlapping collections, which reduces enterprises' data supply burden. The renewal also aims to harmonise classifications (e.g. industry, turnover, numbers of personnel) and unit structures (e.g. enterprises and establishments) used in the statistics. The review helps to make business statistics more uniform and high-quality than before.

The renewal changes the contents of business statistics and possibly brings breaks in time series. The size of the change varies by statistics and by the used classifications and scopes of description. The homepage of each set of statistics contains information on the effects of the renewal on the statistics.

The renewal concerns the following business statistics, for example:

Further information about the renewal: Sami Saarikivi, +358 9 1734 3345,


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