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Statistics Finland will start using J-Demetra+ for seasonal adjustments

Statistics Finland will start using the new J-Demetra+ programme for seasonal adjustments. Statistics Finland runs seasonal adjustments on quarterly national accounts, the trend indicator of output, the labour cost index, the labour force survey, the volume index of industrial output, and monthly trend indicators.

In Statistics Finland, seasonal adjustment is based on guidelines of the European Statistical System ESS and on standardised procedures. ESS and the European System of Central Banks ESCB recommend that starting from 2015 the J-Demetra+ programme is used for seasonal adjustments.

Standard procedures ensure the comparability of time series data both nationally and internationally.

J-Demetra+ recommended for seasonal adjusment (pdf, 67 kt)

Software change does not affect the use of time series

Switching to the new seasonal adjustment software does not cause changes in time series, their interpretation or use.

The new software does not affect the method used by Statistics Finland either. Statistics Finland will continue using the model-based Tramo/Seats method (

The new seasonal adjustment software will be taken into use flexibly within the year. As a rule, the new software will be taken into use when seasonal adjustment models are being updated.

Further information: Faiz Alsuhail +358 29 551 2921

Last updated 18.2.2015