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31.12.2007  Women and Men in Finland 2007
How does women's and men's education differ? And what about their time use? The up-to-date pocket statistics give a concise overview into the lives of women and men in Finland.

19 December 2007  Release Calendar 2008
Release dates have been published for official statistics in 2008

4 December 2007  90-year-old independent Finland and its people
Eighteen of the 200 children who were born on 6 December 1917 are still alive and celebrate their 90th birthday on the same day as Finland celebrates the 90th anniversary of independence. In the course of this jubilee year Statistics Finland has published a series of articles describing how Finnish society has developed and what it looks like today in the light of statistics.

12 November 2007  Education in Finland: more education for more people
In the early years of independence, the challenge was to guarantee primary school education to all children. In today's Finland, already 85 per cent of young adults have completed a post-comprehensive level qualification.

2 November 2007  Practices of Statistics Finland receive international recognition
The practices of Statistics Finland have received good scores from an international team of assessors. The assessment formed part of the peer review on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice covering all countries within the European Statistical System.

1 November 2007  Statistics Finland is awarded for promoting occupational well-being
Statistics Finland has been awarded as this year's best developer of the work community among Finnish State offices and institutions. The award was granted in recognition of sustained and fruitful work on improving occupational well-being, human resources management and especially the system of leadership and supervisory work.

30 October 2007  Finland ranks first among the Nordic countries in tertiary level education
According to the recently published Nordic Statistical Yearbook, Finland ranks first among the Nordic countries in the number of students in tertiary level education. Nearly one-fifth of Finns aged 20 to 39 study at the tertiary level, while the corresponding share in the other Nordic countries is only about 15 per cent.

17 October 2007  A century of motoring in Finland
The first automobiles were bought into the country in 1900. At the end of 2006, there were nearly three million automobiles in Finland and a total of 52.2 billion kilometres were driven with them.

24 September 2007  From hand-cranked connections to hands-free mobile calls - history of telecommunications in Finland seen through statistics
Statistics on telecommunications reveal that despite their reputation of being reticent, the Finns have been among the forerunners in the world in the use of the telephone.

6 August 2007  Labour disputes in independent Finland
Labour disputes started to become common in Finland at the eve of independence. The general strike of 1956 was one of the most significant events in the domestic politics of post-war Finland.

10 July 2007 The Finns' consumption has multiplied during the last century
Present-day Finns acquire eleven times more goods and services than the Finns of the first half of the previous century. Simultaneously the structure of consumption has changed entirely. Especially leisure-time consumption has increased.

30 June 2007 Enterprises-Pocket Statistics
Diverse statistical information about the structure and development of the enterprise sector. In addition to information on small and medium-sized enterprises, Enterprises-Pocket statistics offers information also on enterprises in the manufacturing and service industries and the ICT and information sector.

19 June 2007  From villa ownership to national leisure-time activity
Spending time at the summer cottage became a pastime for the entire population in Finland only in the 1950s. In 2006 there were nearly half a million summer cottages in Finland.

18 June 2007  Director General of Statistics Finland becomes Chairperson of Conference of European Statisticians
Ms Heli Jeskanen-Sundström, Director General of Statistics Finland, has been elected as Chairperson of the Conference of European Statistics and its Bureau.

8 June 2007  Benchmarking promotes the quality of statistics
Sweden and Finland have made a joint benchmarking study of each other's statistics production. The study promotes diffusion of best practices and knowledge sharing.

5 June 2007 Extend your knowledge about Finland!
Statistics Finland's Finland in Figures is a pocket-size compact information package about Finland and Finns.

4 June 2007  The Tools for Learning online service for studying and teaching
Service contains e-learning resources, tips on statistics by subject as well as plenty of other useful information for teachers and students.

22 May 2007   Update of Statistics Finland's Internet pages underway
Statistics Finland's Internet pages will be updated during 2007. During the first phase the basic functionalities of the pages have been enhanced and the visual look has been redesigned. Take a look and give us your feedback.

15 May 2007  The growing years of Finland's industrial production
Throughout Finland's independence, industrial production has been a vital generator of economic growth in the country. The growth of Finland's industrial output has clearly exceeded the average respective growth in other industrialised countries.

10 May 2007  IBS Newsletter: special report on tourism
The April IBS Newsletter contains an extensive special report on tourism in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia. In addition, the Newsletter contains the regular items on the recent economic development in Russia and the Baltic States as well as Central and Western Europe.

16 April 2007  Books in Finland: A Success Story
Books have been published in Finland since the 17th century. Currently 13,000-14,000 book titles are published in Finland every year. Book publishing is characterised by the large proportion of non-fiction works and the strong position of Finnish literature.

23 March 2007  Timber, fossil fuels, nuclear power
- read about the changes in the use and sources of energy in Finland 1917-2007

19 March 2007  Parliamentary elections 2007 - background information on the candidates and elected MPs
Of the 2,004 candidates in the Parliamentary elections, 40 per cent were women. Two per cent of the candidates came from foreign backgrounds. More information on e.g. the age, family type and income of the candidates is available in the overview produced by Statistics Finland.

12 March 2007  New index for orders in manufacturing
Statistics Finland has started to publish an index for new orders in manufacturing. The index provides rapid and reliable information about changes in the value of new orders. It can also indicate how production and turnover are likely to develop in future.

7 February 2007 New SuomiCD - depicting Finland by area
The newly released SuomiCD 2006 draws thorough depictions of Finland's population by area. Would you like to know what kinds of people and households live in and around Finland? You can find out this and much more by studying the exhaustive data on the SuomiCD by postal code area or municipality, or by geographic areas summed up from them.

20 January 2007  Finland 1917-2007: From slash-and-burn fields to post-industrial society
When Finland gained its independence it had a population of 3.1 million people. Now, 90 years on, the Finnish population numbers 5.3 million. The population structure is, however, radically different. Radical changes are also visible in the industrial structure.

18 January 2007  90-year-old Finland on the global map of states
This year marks the 90th anniversary of Finnish independence. How old are the states Finland celebrates its anniversary with? What is Finland's position in the age distribution of the states? Through the 12 months of the anniversary year, Statistics Finland will publish examples of what the development of our society and its current situation look like in the light of statistics.

3 January 2007  Construction and Housing online service
The Construction and Housing online service is based on the data content of the Construction and Housing Yearbook. This chargeable service provides information on the construction industry as an extensive compilation of Excel tables and statistical graphs.

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