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More than 54,000 sentences were passed in courts of first instance in 2021

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According to Statistics Finland, 54,280 sentences were passed in courts of first instance in 2021, which is nine per cent more than in 2020. The growth was biggest for sexual offences, for which 17 per cent more were sentenced in 2021 than one year earlier. The number of sentences passed for offences against life and health also increased by 14 per cent from the year before. However, the number of persons sentenced for offences against life and health has generally been falling.

Key points

  • In 2021, a total of 54,280 sentences were given in courts of first instance, most of which were traffic offences (32%) and property offences (29%).
  • Altogether 5,800 unconditional imprisonment sentences were passed in 2021, which is 20 per cent more than one year earlier.
  • District courts issued more than 35,000 fines. More than 33,000 fines were sentenced by a summary penal order, and the number of fine orders issued by the police was 77,700.

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