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Statistics on real estate prices describe price levels of single-family houses and single-family house plots and price changes on quarterly and annual levels. Statistics are compiled by utilising data from the real estate purchase price register maintained by the National Land Survey. The data are published quarterly.


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database release | Real estate prices 2022
database release | Real estate prices 2022
database release | Real estate prices 2022, 4th quarter
review | Real estate prices 2022, 4th quarter, review

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Price index of old single-family houses (2015=100) by population of the municipality in 2020Q1 to 2023Q2

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Over 100 000 inhabitants97.597.0101.5104.1102.3108.9107.8109.9108.1110.5108.6104.6104.899.5
60 000 - 100 000 inhabitants99.899.7103.097.5102.8106.9105.4103.6100.6107.6101.398.894.796.0
20 000 - 59 999 inhabitants96.0101.1100.7102.3104.4107.2109.3106.3107.3111.2108.6102.296.9101.1
Under 20 000 inhabitants97.699.3100.4102.8105.2106.1105.9102.9104.8106.7105.399.496.198.1

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Referencing instructions

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