Prices of copies

Statistics Finland produces copy services according to the Act on Openness (Act on the Openness of Government Activities 621/1999, PDF). You can order copies from the Statistical Archives or death certificate archives by email or letter.

Send a request for a copy by email to the Statistical Archives to the address or by post to the address Statistical Archives, Työpajankatu 13, FI-00580 Helsinki. More information about the copy service of the death certificate archives can be found on the Archive of death certificates pages.

Ordinary copies (copy charge)

  • A paper copy or a file from a document EUR 1.00 per page
  • A paper copy or a file from a bound document, microfilm, digitally archived material EUR 1.50 per page

Copies requiring special measures (search charge)

The search charge refers to costs arising from retrieving information and/or removing secret parts of the document, which are collected in addition to the copy charge.

  • Duration of the work over 30 minutes but under 60 minutes, EUR 67.00
  • An additional charge of EUR 33.50 for every starting 30 minutes

The price list remains valid until further notice.