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27 Jul 2021 Estimate of one’s own economy in the consumer confidence indicator the most positive in measuring history

The new consumer confidence indicator has been published. The consumer confidence indicator stood at 4.4, which is a slight drop compared to 4.6 in June but still clearly above 2.7 in May. Confidence in the economy is very strong compared to the long-term average for the confidence indicator which is -1.7.

20 Jul 2021 Changes to the unemployment data for the early part of the year

A small difference in the definition of the unemployed has been detected between the data that are delivered to Eurostat and the national data.

18 Jun 2021 Finland in Figures 2021 is about all of us

Statistics Finland’s new Finland in Figures 2021 publication describes us and the society we live in. The statistics include every Finnish person, home, school, workplace and municipality.

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