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Pendency of an enforcement matter

An enforcement matter becomes pending when the enforcement application arrives at the local enforcement authority or in the Enforcement Information System. When the enforcement has arrived at the enforcement authority the authority must notify the debtor of the pendency without delay.

The pendency of an enforcement matter relating to a payment liability ends when the bailiff remits the collected funds (closing remittance). If full payment has not been collected for the receivable (impediment for lack of means) or if the whereabouts of the debtor are unknown (impediment of lack of means and unknown whereabouts), a certificate to this effect must be issued to the applicant. The pendency of the enforcement matter ends on the date of issue of the impediment certificate. When bankruptcy proceedings are initiated, an enforcement matter relating to a payment liability that cannot be enforced because of the bankruptcy remains pending at most for six months following the initiation of the bankruptcy proceedings.

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  • Valid until (31 December 2078)

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  • Tilastokeskus