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Finnish Travel

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: Transport and Tourism
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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
European Statistical System (ESS): Yes


The Finnish Travel Survey contains information on trips made by Finnish residents and on persons having travelled. The survey describes domestic and outbound trips with overnight stays and same-day trips abroad. The Finnish Travel Survey concerns statistics on tourism demand.

Data content

Domestic trips are classified into leisure trips with paid accommodation, leisure trips with free accommodation, and business and professional trips.

Outbound trips are classified into leisure trips involving overnighting in the destination country, cruises, same-day visits, and business and professional visits.

Other data describing the characteristics of trips include those on the municipality or country of destination, duration of the trip, month of start and finish of the trip, means of transport, form of accommodation and organisation of the trip. In addition, data are collected on the costs of the trip.

Data are available on the demographic and socio-economic background variables, such as gender, age, education, language, region of residence, gross income, household size, and number of children in the household, of the persons having made such trips.

Survey data on individual persons must be kept confidential by virtue of Section 12 of the Statistics Act.

Classifications used

Classification of municipalities and three-digit country codes.

Data collection methods and data sources

Sample-based computer assisted telephone interview survey. The interviews have been conducted three times per year in 1991-1995, quarterly in 1996-1999 and monthly since 2000. The samples are drawn by systematic sampling from the central population register. The population was initially comprised of persons aged 15 to 74 permanently resident in Finland, but its upper age limit was extended to 84 years in 2012. The size of the monthly sample was 2,200 persons but grew to 2,350 persons after its extension in 2012. The sample is shared with the Consumer Survey.

Data about Finnish residents having made trips are collected with a so-called yearly survey, which is conducted annually. Prior to 2102, the yearly survey was appended to the Labour Force Survey. In connection with the population extension, it was integrated with the monthly survey concerning travelling in December.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Three times per year and annually.

Time of completion or release

Data on each third of the year are released within 4 to 7 weeks from the end of the statistical reference period.

Annual publication appears within 1 to 4 months from the end of the statistical reference year.

Time series

The time series start from 1991, with expanded data content over the 1995 to 1997 period. From 2000 onwards, the figures are not fully comparable with those on earlier years due to the revised data collection method. Revisions were also made to the data collection in 2010 and 2012. More information on the change in 2012 can be found in the announcement of change ( and the quality description (


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