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Published: 24 May 2011

Number of one and two-person household-dwelling-units increased in 2010

According to Statistics Finland there were 2,537,000 household-dwelling units in Finland at the end of 2010. The number grew by 20,000 from the previous year. Most of the growth was due to increases in the numbers of one and two-person household-dwelling units. The number of one-person household-dwelling units increased by 15,000 and that of two-person household-dwelling units by 6,000. By contrast, the number of larger household-dwelling units with at least three members decreased by about one thousand.

Number of household-dwelling units by size 1990-2010

Number of household-dwelling units by size 1990-2010

Compared with the year before, the number of household-dwelling units living in blocks of flats grew most, by 11,500. At the end of 2010, 1,105,000 household-dwelling units were living in blocks of flats. In all, 1,029,000 household-dwelling units were living in detached or semi-detached houses and 351,000 in terraced houses. A household-dwelling unit is formed by all persons living permanently at the same dwelling. Relative to the total population, only circa one third live in blocks of flats, because smaller families and household-dwelling units live in blocks of flats than in detached or terraced houses.

Source: Dwellings and Housing Conditions, Statistics Finland

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