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Price data on old dwellings in housing companies will be published on 31 March 2020

Statistics Finland will publish price data on old dwellings in housing companies concerning the last quarter of 2019 at the end of March 2020. In addition to quarterly data, monthly data will be published for October to February.

The data used for these statistics will in future be the Tax Administration’s dwelling data (data on ownership of dwellings in housing companies) and previously used asset transfer tax statements. The reporting of the asset transfer tax changed in November 2019 and due to the Tax Administration's data system renewal, the accumulation of data has not been at a sufficient level since October for publishing data. Data on asset transfer tax statements made during October to November were obtained from the Tax Administration at the end of February.

The data published now concerning 2019 can still be revised as asset transfer tax data are supplemented for last year. Statistics Finland constantly follows the supplementation of the data and assesses every month whether there are enough data and whether the quality of data is good enough for release. Based on current knowledge, the next statistical release will be made in May for data concerning the first quarter of 2020.

Further information: Statistics Finland, Head of Statistics Paula Paavilainen, tel. +358 29 551 3539, Senior Statistician Elina Vuorio, tel. +358 29 551 3385

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