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Rents of dwellings

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Non-subsidised rents increased in October to December
20 Jan 2022
In October to December 2021, non-subsidised rents increased by 0.6 per cent in Greater Helsinki and by 0.8 per cent in the rest of Finland in a year. The rents of non-subsidised rental dwellings rose most in Turku (1.4%) and Tampere (1.3%) and least in Pori (0.2%), Rovaniemi (0.3%) and Hyvinkää (0.3%). Non-subsidised rents decreased in Mikkeli (-0.1%) and Jyväskylä (-0.2%). The development of rents in non-subsidised rental dwellings, index 2015=100

Description: Statistics on rents (quarterly and annual statistics) depict the level of rents in the rental dwelling stock, and quarterly and annual changes in rents.
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Keywords: dwellings, flats, government-subsidised rental housing, housing, indices, rental flats, rent index, rents.
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Change: The statistics on rents of dwellings has been renewed
09 May 2019

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