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Revised classification of major regions has been adopted in the Job Vacancy Survey as of the first quarter of 2012

Starting from the first quarter of 2012, the data from the Job Vacancy Survey will be published according to the 2012 classification of major regions. Previously released regional data are not comparable with data by the new classification of major regions. Regional data from 2010 onwards based on the new classification of major regions can be found in the StatFin table "035. Avoimet työpaikat suuralueen (2012) mukaan" (only in Finnish). Detailed information about the classification of major regions is available on the Classifications pages.

The headings of the Appendix tables and Figure 5 in the data releases of 2010 and 2011 have been corrected. The presented figures concerned provinces and not major regions as the headings previously indicated. The figures in the tables have not changed.


Last updated 16.5.2012

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