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Price collection of liquid fuels and calculation of average prices


Statistics Finland collects consumer prices of liquid fuels (95 E10 petrol, 98 E5 petrol, diesel, light fuel oil) as part of its larger price collection for the Consumer Price Index. The prices are collected from approximately 60 distribution stations (service station or unmanned filling station) all around Finland. The collection covers all the biggest areas. The price data on light fuel oil are collected from the web pages of the biggest operators.

The collection of data is carried out between the 10th and 20th days of the month.

The price of the quality on sale at each time is collected for diesel. The price of light fuel oil is the price of summer quality for 2,000 litres delivered to the customers tank. The prices are prices paid by the consumer including value added taxes and fuel taxes. Customer-specific reductions are not taken into account in the prices.


The average prices of liquid fuels are average prices for the whole country. The average price of petrol and diesel is the unweighted arithmetic mean.

The average price of light fuel oil is the arithmetic mean weighted by the annual sales volume of municipalities. The weights are updated at intervals of three years.

Last updated 30.1.2019

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