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Published: 10 December 2010

Educational institutions' adult education not leading to a qualification had 2.3 million participants in 2009

According to data collected by Statistics Finland from educational institutions, a total of 5.4 million hours of teaching were given in adult education not leading to a qualification, which is 5 per cent less than in the year before. The number of participants (gross number of students) was one per cent less than in the previous year, totalled 2.3 million.

Educational institutions adult education not leading to a qualification by type of education in 2009

Type of education Participants (gross) Women % Teaching hours
Further vocational education, not apprenticeship training 130 300 38 416 215
Further vocational education, apprenticeship training 4 237 58 25 972
Employment training for adults 57 731 44 1 098 089
Courses ordered by the employer 246 814 46 385 688
Education organised as liberal adult education 1 665 398 72 2 901 097
Open polytechnic teaching 16 421 70 211 790
Open university teaching 1) 49 963 77 78 517
Other education 83 292 51 295 662
Total 2 254 156 66 5 413 030
1) Excl. data on open university teaching implemented by the universities themselves.

The highest number of participants attended education organised as liberal adult education, where the gross number of students was 1.7 million and their net number was one million. The number of teaching hours was also highest in liberal adult education, at 2.9 million hours. The highest share (28 per cent) of all the teaching hours given in adult education not leading to a qualification was given in the field of culture, especially in crafts and design.

Source: Education 2009. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Riitta Auvinen (09) 1734 3569,

Director in charge: Jari Tarkoma

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