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Published: 14 July 2010

Turnover in service industries grew by 0.9 per cent in February to April

Total turnover generated by service industries began to show growth in the February to April period of 2010 and was 0.9 per cent higher than one year earlier. In the same period of the previous year turnover of service industries contacted by 5.3 per cent. Services are here examined exclusive of trade and the data have been adjusted for working days by eliminating the effects of calendar variations from them.

Year-on-year change in turnover in services in the 02–04/2010 and 02–04/2009 time periods, % (TOL 2008)

Year-on-year change in turnover in services in the 02–04/2010 and 02–04/2009 time periods, % (TOL 2008)

During the current examination period turnover grew again most in the industry of arts, entertainment and recreation where it went up by 5.0 per cent from the respective time period of the previous year. Brisk growth was also recorded in administrative and support service activities where turnover was 3.9 per cent up on the respective quarter of last year. Turnover of the largest group of service industries, i.e. transportation and storage, swung upwards in the examined period and was 1.8 per cent higher than in February-April of the previous year. Turnover also showed growth in other service activities, real estate activities and information and communication.

Among services, turnover contracted most in professional, scientific and technical activities were it amounted to 3.8 per cent less in this examination period than in the same period one year earlier. Turnover of accommodation and food service activities remained almost on level with the year before, showing just 0.1 per cent drop from February-April 2009.

Tax reform causes revisions to data on indices of turnover

As of data on January 2010, the indices of turnover have been compiled from the seasonal tax return data conforming to the Tax Administration’s tax reform. According to our examinations the impact on these statistics from the implemented tax reform will remain quite small. However, slightly less data than before will be available starting from January 2010, which may mean that the time series of the indices of turnover may become slightly revised in future releases. Further information about the impacts of the changes in the data on the indices of turnover can be found under Revisions in these statistics . Information about the tax reform is also available on the Tax Administration’s website at: .

Source: Turnover of service industries, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Emilia Saarinen (09) 1734 2674,

Director in charge: Hannele Orjala

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