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Responding instructions of the sales inquiry have been clarified

As of the beginning of 2011, the responding instructions of the sales inquiry have been clarified so that as a rule the concept of turnover in the sales inquiry conforms with the Bookkeeping Act. However, according to the information obtained in the data collection the new instructions have no significant impact on the produced turnover indices. The turnover calculated from the periodic tax returns, which are the main data source for the turnover indices, does not fully conform with the turnover concept of the Bookkeeping Act because it may contain e.g. sales of fixed assets, other income and extraordinary items. The data may also contain errors arising from e.g. optical reading or data suppliers' mistakes. These errors are corrected with the data that are collected direct.

The sales inquiry asks for data on turnover according to the profit and loss account broken down to sales in Finland, sales abroad and sales from abroad to abroad. The inquired data are the same as before but due to the new responding instructions the data reported by some enterprises may change significantly from the past. If the data on the sales of an enterprise change by more than five per cent due to the new instruction, revised data on sales have also been resubmitted for the year 2010 in order to retain the comparability between years.


Last updated 14.4.2011

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