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The supply tables describe by commodity group production and imports of the goods and services that are produced by different industries and used in the national economy. The use tables describe by commodity group the use of these products as intermediate products in different industries and for domestic final use and exports. The description also shows the distribution of expenditure by industry into purchasing of domestic and foreign products, and wages, operating surplus and other value added items. The input-output tables formed from the supply and use tables examine the use of the outputs of industries as intermediate product inputs and for final use in other industries. Thus, the input-output tables provide a picture of the structure of production activity and the interdependencies between industries. Basing on these interdependencies, input-output models are compiled for studying structural changes in the national economy and evaluating the impact of the changes on e.g. production, imports, inflation and employment. The concepts and definitions used in the compilation of the supply and use tables and the input-output tables are based on the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) and the UN’s congruent System of National Accounts 2008 . The data are public.

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Input-output [e-publication].
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