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Producer price indices for services 2005=100 and the revised standard industrial classification

The revised standard industrial classification TOL 2008 has been adopted in producer prices indices for services. In connection with the introduction of the new classification the weight structure has been updated and the coverage of industries improved in the producer price indices for services. The base year of the index is still 2005.

Under the new industrial classification the four main industries previously published in the Producer Price Index for Services will be replaced by seven main industries. New index series at a lower classification level will be published on publishing activities, information service activities and services to buildings and landscape activities.

All published point figures calculated by the standard industrial classification TOL 2008 are available in Statistics Finland's StatFin database starting from 2005. For the time being, producer price indices for services by the standard industrial classification TOL 2002 will also be retained in the StatFin database. Indices will no longer be compiled by TOL 2002. The revised weight structure of the producer price index for services can be found under Methodological descriptions on the web pages dedicated to the producer price indices for services (in Finnish).

More detailed information about TOL 2008, including its contents and classification principles, is available under Classifications on Statistics Finland Internet pages.

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