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Published: 24 May 2013

Mikkeli was the municipality with highest number of free-time residences in 2012

According to Statistics Finland, there were a total of 496,200 free-time residences at the end of 2012. Municipal mergers changed the order of municipalities with most free-time residences. Measured by the number of free-time residences the biggest municipalities after the municipal mergers were Mikkeli and Kuopio, while in the year before the largest number of free-time residences was found in Parainen. Mikkeli's number of free-time residences grew as a result of municipal mergers with Ristiina and Suomenniemi at the beginning of 2013. The municipal merger with Nilsiä increased the number of free-time residences in Kuopio. As a result of municipal mergers, the number of free-time residences in many towns described the number of free-time residences in the area rather than the number of free-time residences in the actual town.

Highest number of free-time residences, 31 December 2012

Regional Division based on Municipalities on 1 Jan. 2013 Number of free-time residences
Mikkeli 10 241
Kuopio 8 669
Parainen 8 472
Lohja 8 386
Savonlinna 8 161
Hämeeenlinna 7 774
Kouvola 7 720
Salo 7 198
Kuusamo 6 529
Raasepori 6 418
Mäntyharju 4 765
Kemiönsaari 4 669

The median of all free-time residences in 2012 was 40 square metres. Thus, one-half of free-time residences still have a floor area of 40 square metres or less. New free-time residences are on average larger than older free-time resi-dences. The median floor area of the newest free-time residences built in the 2010s is 66 square metres and for those built in 2000 to 2009 it is 56 square metres.

Source: Buildings and Free-time Residences, Statistics Finland

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