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Data of the building cost index will be corrected on 2 December

An error has been detected in the data of the building cost index, for which reason the time series is corrected retrospectively. Corrections are made to the data between May and October 2020.

The error is caused by the temporary lowering of employment pension contributions paid by employers by 2.6 percentage points from May 2020 to the end of the year. Reductions in employment pension contributions were not taken into account in the calculation of the building cost index. The error is particularly visible in the time series of labour costs but also in the total index. The weight share of labour costs in the total index is 40 per cent.

Statistical releases from May to October will be released again with revised data on 2 December 2020. The following database tables are updated starting from May: 11nb, 11nd, 11np, 11nr, 11ns, 11nu, 11nw, 11ny, 11p1, 11p5, 118p.

Further information: Liina Arhosalo +358 29 551 3612,

Last updated 27.11.2020

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