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Published: 31 January 2011

Households' financial assets grew by EUR 5.1 billion in the third quarter of 2010

At the end of September 2010, the value of households' financial assets was EUR 212.4 billion. Their financial assets amounted to 2.4 per cent more than at the end of the previous quarter and 7.2 per cent more than twelve months earlier. In the third quarter of the year, households' net investments in financial assets totalled EUR 0.7 billion. Households invested the largest amount of assets in deposits. Holding gains additionally increased households' financial assets by EUR 4.4 billion. This is indicated by Statistics Finland’s financial accounts statistics.

Financial assets of households

Financial assets of households
Households' debts also grew in the July to September period of 2010. At the end of September, households' loan debt stood at EUR 102.9 billion which was EUR 1.5 billion more than at the end of June. Households' loan debt excludes their share of corporate loans, which in annual statistics is included in household's loans.

Households' net financial assets reached EUR 100.6 billion in the third quarter. Net financial assets refer to the difference between financial assets and liabilities. At the end of the third quarter, households' net financial assets amounted to 4.0 per cent more than at the end of the previous quarter and 9.0 per cent more than twelve months earlier.

As in the two previous quarters, non-financial corporations again increased their debt financing in the third quarter of 2010. Debt financing refers to the total of loan debts and financing in the form of debt securities. In the third quarter, non-financial corporations raised loans to the net amount of EUR 0.2 billion and at the end of September their loans totalled EUR 166.3 billion. Over the July to September period, non-financial corporations issued bonds to the net amount of EUR 0.7 billion and new equity to the net amount of EUR 0.8 billion.

The compilation of quarterly financial accounts data has been transferred from the Bank of Finland to Statistics Finland. Quarterly financial accounts time series starting from the last quarter of 1997 are now available on Statistics Finland's website. Up to the last quarter of 2009, the quarterly series that is now published is mainly based on Bank of Finland calculations and is therefore not fully consistent with Statistics Finland's annual financial accounts.

Source: Financial accounts, Statistics Finland

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