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Published: 9 January 2008

Leisure trips in November 2007

In November Finnish residents made 358,000 overnight leisure trips abroad. Of these trips 207,000 included one or more overnights in the country of destination. A good one-sixth of these trips were headed to Estonia. Most of the cruises including overnights on board only were to Sweden and Estonia. These preliminary data are based on Statistics Finland's Finnish Travel Survey for which 1,496 persons aged 15 to 74 permanently resident in Finland were interviewed in December.

Finnish residents made 1.5 million leisure trips in Finland. This is one per cent down from the corresponding period in the year before. Most of the trips, or 1.3 million, included free accommodation at one's own free-time residence, with relatives or friends or in some other type of free accommodation.

The final and more accurate data on the Finnish Travel Survey are published in the annual publication on Finnish travel. In addition, quarterly preliminary data are published in connection with the monthly publication Tourism Statistics (accommodation statistics) two months after the end of the relevant quarter.

Finnish residents' overnight leisure trips in November 2007 and annual change, preliminary data

  Trips in November Annual change, %
11/2007 - 11/2006
Cumulative annual change, %
1-11/2007 - 1-11/2006
Domestic trips with paid accommodation 252,000 -5 -1
Trips to own free-time residence and visits to friends and relatives 1,261,000 -1 8
Trips in Finland, total 1,513,000 -1 6
Trips abroad, overnight in country of destination 207,000 21 2
  - Estonia 34,000 -38 -9
  - Other countries 173,000 49 5
Cruises, overnight on board only 151,000 13 -6
  - To Estonia 48,000 30 -15
  - To Sweden 104,000 7 -2
Trips abroad, total 358,000 17 -1
Leisure trips, total 1,871,000 2 5

Source: Finnish Travel Survey. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Mr Klaus Bossart +358 9 1734 2602 and Ms Ritva Tikkanen +358 9 1734 3300,

Director in charge: Ms Hannele Orjala


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