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Erroneous data in the statistics on Finnish enterprises were corrected

The statistics on Finnish enterprises concerning the year 2012, which were published on 28 November 2013, contained errors that were corrected on 31 January 2014. There were errors in the numbers of enterprises, personnel and turnover. The erroneous number of personnel was 1,470,000 and corrected it is 1,474,000. The erroneous turnover was EUR 390.2 billion and corrected it is EUR 394.9 billion.

On the level of enterprises, the number of personnel changed in industry 60201 and turnover in industries 26300 and 60201. On the level of establishments, the number of personnel changed in industries 60100, 60201 and 90010, and turnover in industries 26300, 46901, 47420, 60100, 60201 and 69201. The changes are also visible in regional statistics.

The errors were caused by that data on certain enterprises became revised after the statistics were published.

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