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Data for 2018 (t-2) will be released in March with detailed industry classification accuracy, when we obtain revised annual data from enterprises as sources.

Revised annual data on national accounts for the statistical reference year 2018 will be released on 16 March 2020. Before the March release, indicator-based data that more reliably describe output than intermediate consumption are used for one third of enterprise data for 2018. Two-thirds of enterprises’ value added has been calculated using preliminary data on enterprises’ annual data. Enterprises’ annual data also include data used for calculating intermediate consumption. Value added is calculated as the difference between output and intermediate consumption.

The data used for calculating investments will also become revised in March. Industry-specific data based on supplemented enterprise data for 2018 will be released on detailed industry level on 16 March 2020.

Quarterly national accounts are benchmarked to the new annual data for 2018 in connection with the March release, as a result of which the levels of indicator-based data for 2019 will also change.

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