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Environment and Natural Resources

The statistics covered by this topic concern the state of the environment and natural resources and changes in them, people's environmental attitudes, and wastes, emissions and environmental protection.


Climatological statistics
Annual statistics are compiled to long time-series, so called normal periods, of which the latest is 1981-2010.
Economy-wide material flow accounts
Economy-wide material flow accounts describe in units of mass (tonnes) the volume of materials extracted, transferred or transformed from nature.
Emissions into air by industry
In the statistics on emissions into air by industry, emissions are presented according to the industrial classification used in national accounts.
Energy Accounts
The statistics on energy accounts examine the supply and use of energy in the national economy and between the economy and the environment.
Environmental and energy taxes
These statistics on environment-related taxes and charges describe the amounts and shares of total tax revenues of the environmental taxes and charges collected by the public sector.
Environmental goods and services sector
Statistics on the environmental goods and services sector describe business activities involving the environment practised in Finland.
Environmental protection expenditure accounts
The statistics on environmental protection expenditure accounts describe the expenditure arising from environmental protection to industry, services and households, and central and local government.
Greenhouse gases
The statistics are compiled from emissions data submitted to the EU and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
Hydrological observations
The Hydrological Yearbook comprises annual treatises on hydrological conditions in Finland.
Land Surveying. Year Statistics of the National Land Survey
Surveying is a publication provided by the NLS on general statistics showing the number of yearly performances of the different operational units in the NLS regarding both real estate duties and mapping duties.
Waste statistics
These statistics monitor changes in the volumes of waste, waste treatment methods and proportions of hazardous waste.

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