The price for a data collection made by interview and survey services is comprised of the costs of the collecting and designing of the content of the data, costs of the fieldwork stage of the data collecting, and the costs of the processing and editing of the data.

The main factors influencing the costs are the mode of data collecting (telephone interview, face-to-face interview, postal inquiry, web-based data collecting or a combination of these), the length and sample size of the inquiry, the amount of work involved in the designing of the questionnaire and the data collecting. and the form in which the data are delivered (data file, tables, table report, survey report).

Due to the aforementioned factors the price of a survey can range from a couple of thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros. The most important factors affecting the costs of the different survey implementation modes are always discussed in advance, after which a preliminary cost estimate can be given for them. The final cost estimate is made when the implementation alternative that suits the customer's needs and the survey details have been established.