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News 27.8.2013

Appointment news from Statistics Finland: Riitta Eiskonen appointed Director of IT Services

Ms Riitta Eiskonen, Master of Arts, has been appointed Director of IT Services at Statistics Finland for the five-year term starting on 1 October 2013.

The Director of IT Services acts as the Director of the Information Technology Department. The department is responsible e.g. for application development, maintenance of data systems and ICT infrastructure.

Riitta Eiskonen has worked at Microsoft Oy as Director of Services and a member of the management group responsible for the central government sector since 2009. Prior to this, Riitta Eiskonen has also worked at Oracle and in the Tax Administration.

Inquiries: Mr Jarmo Hyrkkö, Deputy Director General +358 9 1734 3473, Ms Pirkko Härö, Chief Administrative Officer +358 9 1734 2558