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News 9.12.2014

Statistics Finland starts co-operation negotiations about staff reduction needs

Statistics Finland starts co-operation negotiations concerning the pending saving measures and the related need to reduce personnel. The basis for these measures is that the financing of Statistics Finland's operations will be cut by around EUR four million from 2014. The co-operation negotiations concern the entire personnel.

The maximum required reduction is 70 staff years. In addition, 17 persons will transfer to work for the Government ICT Centre Valtori on 1 January 2015.

The negotiations will start on 18 December 2014. Possible measures directed at the personnel are planned to be implemented during 2015.

Tight economic situation behind the decision

The basis for the pending measures is that the financing of Statistics Finland's operations will be cut by around EUR four million from 2014. In light of current information, financing will continue decreasing in future years. The savings requirement is directed at Statistics Finland's basic operations.

A work group appointed by Statistics Finland in April 2014 compiled a relevance report as referred to in the performance target document of Statistics Finland and the Ministry of Finance. The aim of the report was to adjust Statistics Finland's finances to the available financing and to adjust activities to correspond with the financial situation.

Based on the report, the only way to reach sufficient savings rapidly enough is by cutting personnel costs. As a result of the reduced appropriations available for personnel costs, the agency's financial possibilities to offer tasks to be performed have reduced considerably and permanently.

Reductions of statistics production and other activities have been discussed during autumn

In connection with the relevance report, users were heard about the planned reductions in statistics production during October 2014. Based on the feedback, Statistics Finland decided not to discontinue several statistics that were under threat. In terms of the statistics that remained on the list, decisions on discontinuation or changes have been made, and part of the work is still ongoing.

Adjustment measures have also been made in terms of other operations, for example, by reducing product and service selections and renewing processes and procedures.

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