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International trade in goods and services

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Statistics on international trade in goods and services describe exports and imports of goods and services with a broad classification of products and areas. The statistics describe the entire international trade and form a link between goods trade according to the IMTS manual (International Merchandise Trade Statistics) published by Finnish Customs and the BPM manual (Balance of Payments Manual) published by Statistics Finland. International trade in goods and services is part of the current account, so the statistics form part of Finland's balance of payments. The data are also used to produce data for the rest of the world sector in national accounts. The data are delivered to the Statistical Office of the European Communities, Eurostat, the European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the OECD.

Data content

The data concern the value of the goods and services bought by enterprises from abroad or sold by enterprises abroad. For goods, the data published include the level of goods trade according to the IMTS manual and the conceptual corrections to be made there according to the BPM6 manual, such as the CIF-FOB correction related to the transportation of goods, merchanting, corrections related to goods sent abroad for processing and other corrections to goods trade (e.g. returns, smuggling). For services, besides typical business services between enterprises, the statistics also cover services related to tourism and financing. The services are reported by country. The enterprise-specific data collected for the statistics must be kept confidential.

Classifications used

The classification used in the compilation of the statistics is the Extended Balance of Payments Services (EBOPS) classification, which is an international classification presented in the Manual on International Trade in Services. The division of countries used in the inquiry is based on the statistics on balance of payments.

Data collection methods and data sources

Inquiry on international trade in services and international flows of goods and services is conducted quarterly among enterprises representing both manufacturing and service industries. The sample comprises some 1,000 enterprises, which have been drawn to the sample on the basis of size category and industry so that they are representative of the international trade in services which Finnish enterprises are engaged in. The data collected from the enterprises are raised to correspond to the data for the enterprises in the entire frame.Data collections: International trade in services and international flows of goods. Other data sources are the statistics on balance of payments and international investment position and Finnish Customs' statistics on foreign trade of goods (

Data collections

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

Quarterly data are published at the same time as the statistics on balance of payments and international investment position, that is, at a lag of around 2.5 months from the end of each quarter.

Time series

The data are collected quarterly. The first data concern the first quarter of 2016.


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