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Preliminary population statistics

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The preliminary population statistics contain data on population changes and population structure. In respect of population changes, data are available on live births and deaths in Finland, migration within municipalities, inter-municipal migration, migration, marriages contracted and divorces granted, registered partner relationships, divorces from registered partner relationships, and on granted Finnish citizenships. These preliminary statistics are produced monthly.

Data content

The preliminary population statistics describe total volumes of population changes by e.g. age and gender according to area , and the structure of the population at the end of the examination period. In respect of live births, data are available on the age of the mother. Internal migration is divided into migration within one municipality and migration between municipalities. In respect of migration between municipalities data are available on the in-migration, out-migration and net migration of municipalities and on the municipality of entry and exit. For immigration and emigration, data are available on the country of exit and entry and nationality. The age in all population change events is age on the day of the population change event.

Classifications used

The regional division that entered into force at the beginning of the statistical reference year is used in the statistics. The data are available by a variety regional divisions based on municipalities. Since 1999, nationality, country of birth and language have been classified according to ISO standards. Statistics Finland’s own respective classifications were used prior to this. Age is classified according to 1 or 5-year cohorts.

Data collection methods and data sources

The population change data are based on total data. Finnish population statistics are based on the Population Information System maintained by The Digital and Population data services Agency. The Digital and Population data services Agency update the data in the Population Information system on population changes among persons permanently resident in Finland, while district courts update the Population Information System in respect of divorce and adoption decisions, and the Directorate of Immigration on granted Finnish citizenships. Only the foreign nationals who are permanently resident in Finland are included in the population, even if temporarily abroad. After the end of a statistical reference month, move notifications are waited for a fortnight before the compiling of preliminary data is started. Move notifications that arrive later than this are included in the statistics in the next reference month according to the actual date of the event and may, thus, change the published figures for the preceding statistical reference months.

Updating frequency

The preliminary statistics are published once a month. Final statistics on population changes are published in April/May of the following year.

Time of completion or release

Preliminary statistics for a calendar month are ready in the latter half of the month following it.

Time series

Time series are only compiled of final statistics.


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