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The Trend Indicator of Output will speed up

The publication schedule for the Trend Indicator of Output will accelerate starting from data concerning January 2014 (14 March) so that data for each month will in future be published within around 45 days from the end of the month. Previously, the publication time of the first two months of each quarter has been around 65 days from the end of the month.

This change may in future cause larger revisions to the statistics than at present, because not all source data used until now are available for the newest month to be published with this faster publication schedule. Such source data particularly relate to newbuilding and some data describing prices of services. The indicators of turnover for the enterprise sector used as source data are also based on scarcer data with this faster schedule, although test calculations indicate that the revisions caused by it are very moderate.

Last updated 14.2.2014

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