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Changes to the addresses of the database tables of quarterly national accounts

In quarterly national accounts the reference year of the volume series will change from 2010 to 2015. This causes changes to the addresses of the database tables to be published.

Changes in the names of the tables of the Trend Indicator of Output, for example:
changes into

Trend Indicator of Output:
  • Trend indicator of output, monthly 11tf -- > 132f
    Quarterly national accounts:
  • Income and production by industry, quarterly 11uc -- > 132g
  • Gross domestic product and national income, supply and demand, quarterly 11xa -- > 132h
    Content change of tables:
  • The year 2010 present in data variables has changed to 2015.

The new table addresses will be taken into use starting from 16 February 2021

Last updated 16.2.2021

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ISSN=1798-5439. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 22.2.2024].
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