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Revised volume calculation

The methods for fixed price calculations in National Accounts have been revised. Output at current prices and intermediate consumption are now deflated separately, and value added at fixed prices derived as the difference of these figures. At the same time, the fixed base year was changed into a varying one. Corresponding methodological revisions will be introduced in quarterly accounts. Revised time series for 1975-2004 were published at the end of March. Annual data for 2005 and data for the first quarter of 2006 will published on 9 June 2006.

The method for calculating the Monthly Indicator of Total Output will be kept unchanged, so it will describe development of output rather than that of value added in the revised National Accounts. Because of the methodological revision of quarterly accounts, the quarterly Flash Estimate based on the Monthly Indicator of Total Output will no longer be published with the same contents as at present after May.

Last updated 11.5.2006

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