This set of statistics has been discontinued.

Statistical data on this topic are published in connection with another set of statistics.

Data published after 5 April 2022 can be found on the renewed website.

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Revised standard industrial classification will be introduced in statistics on inventories in May 2009

A revised industrial classification, TOL 2008, will be introduced in Finnish statistics in 2009. General information about the transition is given on the TOL 2008 pages of the Statistics section of Statistics Finland's website. The Classifications pages of the Metadata section of the website contain more detailed information about TOL 2008, such as its contents and classification principles.

The classification will be introduced in May 2009 in the statistics on trade inventories describing data for the first quarter of 2009. The data of the statistics will also be classified by TOL 2008 in database services and compilation publications, and publishing of data by TOL 2002 will be discontinued. The previously published data by to TOL 2002 will remain available on the home page of the statistics and in the database services.

Last updated 30.1.2009

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