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Published: 28 May 2010

Länsi-Turunmaa is the municipality with highest number of free-time residences 2009

According to Statistics Finland, there were 485,100 free-time residences in Finland at the end of 2009. In terms of absolute numbers, the municipality of Länsi-Turunmaa had the highest quantity of free-time residences, or over 8,000. Hämeenlinna, Kouvola, Salo, Raasepori and Kuusamo had the next largest numbers of free-time residences. In each of them the stock of free-time residences exceeded 6,000. At the end of 2009, altogether 56 municipalities had more free-time residences than permanently inhabited dwellings. Kustavi, Puumala, Hirvensalmi, Kuhmoinen, Sysmä and Mäntyharju had the highest ratio of free-time residences to inhabited dwellings.

Highest number of free-time residences, 31 December 2009

(Regional Division based on Municipalities on 1 Jan. 2010) Number of free-time residences
Länsi-Turunmaa 8 325
Hämeenlinna 7 654
Kouvola 7 556
Salo 7 028
Raasepori 6 278
Kuusamo 6 254
Mikkeli 5 751
Kuopio 5 226
Mäntyharju 4 673
Kemiönsaari 4 521

The region with the highest number of free-time residences was Varsinais-Suomi where Länsi-Turunmaa, the municipality with the highest number of free-time residences in the country is also located. The region of Varsinais-Suomi had a total of around 48,000 free-time residences, and the number of free-time residences also exceeded 45,000 in the regions of Etelä-Savo and Pirkanmaa.

Source: Buildings and Free-time Residences, Statistics Finland

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Director in charge: Jari Tarkoma

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