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Data on turnover in construction will be published by revised levels as new statistical classification of industries, TOL 2008, is being introduced

New publication levels according toTOL 2008

The standard industrial classification TOL 2008 will be introduced in statistics on turnover in construction in April 2009 when data concerning January 2009 will be published. The activities covered by the Volume Index of Construction, which is published together with the data on turnover will become similarly revised.

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Sections and 2-digit levels

F Construction

41 Construction of buildings

42 Civil engineering

43 Specialised construction activities.

Detailed descriptions of the classes can be found on Statistics Finland's web pages under Classifications.

Use and comparability of data compiled by TOL 2008 and TOL 2002

During the transition period up to the middle of 2011, different statistics will use data classified by both TOL 2008 and TOL 2002. In cases where data series on turnover in construction produced by the old classification are used in conjunction with series produced by the new classification, data by the two industrial classifications need to be combined.

Data on the turnover of construction industries compiled by TOL 2002and TOL 2008 can best be compared against the following:

F Construction corresponds almost fully with section F of TOL 2002.

TOL 2008 class 41, Construction of buildings, is not identical with the similarly named building construction class of TOL 2002. The new industry of Construction of buildings corresponds with the TOL 2002 5-digit level class of General construction of buildings. Building installation and completion activities have been detached from the old industry class for building construction and made into a new class 43, Specialised construction activities.

43, Specialised construction activities, is a new class in the Construction section. Specialised construction activities comprises the activities of Building installation, Building completion and Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator, which were classified under building construction in the old TOL 2002.

In the old industrial classification TOL 2002, civil engineering was comprised of 5-digit level classes 45110, 45120, 45219, 45230 and 45240. The Civil engineering sub-section (42) of TOL 2008 corresponds quite well with the respective collective classes of TOL 2002. TOL 2002 classes 45110, Demolition and wrecking of buildings; earth moving, and 4512, Test drilling and boring, have been relocated under Specialised construction activities (43) in TOL 2008.

An additional activity category coming from outside the TOL 2008 section on Construction is Development and selling of real estate, which is moved from Real estate, renting and business activities and relocated under both Construction of buildings and Civil engineering. As such the change does not significantly raise turnover in construction because large construction companies that are also developers have been classified under the Construction section in TOL 2002 since real estate development has only accounted for a small share of their turnover.

Publishing of retrospective data by the TOL 2008 classification

Retrospective data starting from 1995 will be published on all above three construction activity classes.

Due to the change of base year, data for the years 2005-2008 will be calculated from micro level data. Earlier statistical data will be utilised in compiling data for the years 1995-2004 by the following methods:

  • Utilisation of previously published TOL 2002 data as such if the contents of the old series correspond sufficiently well with series published by the TOL 2008 classification, or
  • Weighting together old TOL 2002 time series, or
  • Calculating from micro level data.

The accuracy of the retrospective data formed for the years 1995-2004 is nearly as good as that of previously published corresponding data. The accuracy of the data for 2005-2008 does not change in connection with the classification and base year revision.

Further information about the impact of the classification revision on statistics describing turnover in construction

A news item about the adoption of TOL 2008 in statistics describing turnover in construction is posted on the home page of the statistics.

The effects of the new industrial classification on construction industries have also been discussed in the Fokus section of Construction Industries Review 2/2008 (In Finnish only).

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