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EU Regulation on statistics on tourism causes revisions to the Finnish Travel Survey

A new EU Regulation concerning statistics on tourism became valid as of January 2012. This also causes several revisions to the Finnish Travel Survey.

Tourism statistics concerning 2012 will be compiled in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 692/2011. The data specified in the Regulation are mainly the same as in the previous Directive on tourism statistics but the Regulation also calls for data on new variables, such as Internet booking of trip. Some definitions in the Survey questionnaire have been reviewed at the same time to bring them in line with the new Regulation.

The target population will be extended to the 75-84 age group. Up to now the data have been collected from persons aged 15 to 74 but as of the year 2012 the target population of the Survey will consist of persons aged 15 to 84. Because the data on trips are asked in a different way than before, and the target population expands, the time series will break.

Monthly releasing of data will be discontinued and data from the Finnish Travel Survey will in future be released three times per year. The first release will concern data for the January to April period. Annual data will be published at a shorter time lag than before. For release schedules, see: Future releases

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