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Published: 25 February 2010

Government R&D funding grows by EUR 155 million in 2010

In the 2010 Government Budget, the total appropriations and outlays for research and development activities amount to EUR 2,055 million. According to Statistics Finland, R&D funding increases by EUR 155 million from the previous year. At the same time, the share of public R&D funding of GDP is estimated to rise to 1.17 per cent.

The Ministry of Education accounts for 45 per cent of government R&D funding and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy for 37 per cent. R&D funding under the Ministry of Education amounts to EUR 933 million and that under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to good EUR 763 million. In 2010 R&D funding under the Ministry of Education goes up by some EUR 95 million and that under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy by EUR 40 million. The increase in funding under the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education is mainly due to growth in funding by the Academy of Finland. R&D funding awarded by the Ministry of Defence also rises by nearly EUR 22 million.

R&D funding of the Academy of Finland increases by EUR 75 million, mainly due to the change in the budgeting method. Funding by the Academy of Finland totals EUR 384 million. The appropriations and outlays of Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) go up by EUR 36 million, its R&D funding being EUR 611 million. A total of EUR 506 million, or EUR 16 million more than in the year before, is recorded in statistics for universities. Funding of other research carried out mainly in ministries grows by EUR 31 million to EUR 218 million. By contrast, budget funding of R&D activities by government research institutes decreases somewhat in 2010.

In line with the socio-economic objective, the general advancement of knowledge is the largest category with its share of 44 per cent. The share of funding of industrial production and technology is 24 per cent and that of social structures and relationships 14 per cent.

Government budget appropriations or outlays for R&D 2010

  R&D funding € million Share of R&D funding, % Nominal change from 2009, % Real change from 2009, %
R&D funding total 2 055,2 8,2 6,2
Main administrative branches (ministries)
Ministry of Education 932,7 45,4 11,4 9,3
Ministry of Employment and the Economy 763,4 37,1 5,5 3,5
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 130,7 6,4 7,9 5,9
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 97,6 4,7 –4,1 –5,9
Funding organisations
Universities 506,3 24,6 3,3 1,4
University central hospitals 40,0 1,9 0,0 –1,9
Academy of Finland 384,4 18,7 24,4 22,1
TEKES 610,8 29,7 6,2 4,3
Government research institutes 295,7 14,4 –1,1 –3,0
Other R&D funding 218,1 10,6 16,8 14,6

Source: Government R&D; funding in the state budget 2010, Statistics Finland

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Director in charge: Leena Storgårds


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