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Concepts and definitions

Mean population

The notion of mean population (or average population) refers to the average of the populations of two consecutive years. When a ratio describing some phenomenon is calculated for the statistical year, the number of events in the phenomenon in question is usually expressed as a proportion of the mean population of the people or the groups subject to the event. The figures relating to population events are generally given as per 1,000, that is, the result of the division is multiplied by one thousand.


A stimulant manufactured from or containing leaves, stalks or stems of tobacco plants.

Tobacco excise

Provisions concerning tobacco excise are given in the Act on Tobacco Excise (1470/1994). Tobacco excise is levied on tobacco products. Tobacco excise is levied on the retail prices of products reported by those liable to the excise. The excise is also levied per unit on cigarettes, pipe and cigarette tobacco and fine cut rolling tobacco.

Tobacco product

Product made wholly or partly of tobacco and intended for smoking, sniffing, sucking or chewing, whether genetically modified or not.

Tobacco products comprise cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, pipe and cigarette tobacco, fine cut rolling tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, cigarette papers and other products containing tobacco.

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