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Published: 16 March 2016

Tax revenue grew by 2.4 per cent in 2015

The accrual of taxes and compulsory social security contributions grew by 2.4 per cent in 2015. The total accrual amounted to EUR 92.1 billion. The tax ratio grew from the previous year by 0.6 percentage points to 44.5 per cent. The tax ratio describes the ratio of taxes and compulsory social security contributions to gross domestic product. These data are based on the preliminary national accounts data for 2015.

Taxes and compulsory social security contributions by sector, 2014 - 2015*

  Million euro Ratio to GDP, %
Sector Year    
S13+S212 Total 2014 90 021 43,9
2015 92 144 44,5
S1311 Central Government 2014 42 680 20,8
2015 43 419 21,0
S1313 Local Government 2014 21 174 10,3
2015 21 864 10,6
S1314 Social Security Funds 2014 25 996 12,7
2015 26 695 12,9
S212 European Union 2014 171 0,1
2015 166 0,1
*Preliminary data

The revenue from income tax of corporations grew particularly. The revenue from income tax paid by corporations rose by 15.2 per cent and totalled EUR 4.4 billion. In addition, the accrual from households' income tax, employment pension contributions paid by employers and the insured, inheritance and gift tax, energy taxes and excise duty on tobacco, for example, grew in 2015. The accrual of excise duties on alcoholic beverages, in turn, contracted by 1.8 per cent, to EUR 1.4 billion. For example, duty on interests, excise duty on motor cars, and waste tax also decreased. EUR two million were recorded in the national accounts as tax revenue from the contributions to the Resolution Fund collected by the Financial Stability Authority in 2015 from credit institutions and investment firms. The share of the contribution covered by the bank tax collected in earlier years was not recorded as tax revenue.

In 2015, the tax revenue of the state totalled EUR 43.4 billion. The growth from the year before amounted to 1.7 per cent. The tax revenue of municipalities totalled EUR 21.9 billion and grew by 3.3 per cent from one year before. The accruals of compulsory social security contributions paid to social security funds increased by 2.7 per cent and totalled EUR 26.7 billion. The proportion of taxes and statutory social security contributions in consolidated total general government income was 80.1 per cent in 2015.

In 2015, the net tax ratio decreased to 17.8 per cent from 17.9 per cent in the year before. The net tax ratio is calculated by deducting the subsidies, and current and capital transfers paid by general government to households and enterprises from the tax ratio.

Source: National Accounts, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Kirsi Peltonen 029 551 3464,

Director in charge: Ville Vertanen

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