Gender equality

The thematic pages on gender equality contain statistical data on the position of women and men, and gender equality in Finland. The pages comprise key statistical data by theme and links to pages of statistics related to various topics and other data sources.

Statistical data on equality between women and men are also available in the publication Gender Equality in Finland 2021

Basic information on gender equality between women and men (infographic in text format)

Statistics Finland’s statistics are principally based on register and survey data that cover the entire population or age groups. The typical source data is the Population Information System. Thus, statistics on gender equality generally deal with the two legally recognized sexes, women and men.

International cooperation

In 2016 to 2017, Statistics Finland chaired the UNSD’s Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics. The expert group coordinates and controls the UN’s Global Gender Statistics Programme

In 2018–2020, we co-chaired the UNSD’s Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics together with the Statistics Bureau of Japan. Further information about international cooperation is available on the Links page.


Last updated 29 Sep 2023