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Use of information technology in enterprises

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: Science, Technology and Information Society
Related topics: Enterprises
Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
European Statistical System (ESS): Yes


These statistics describe the use of information technology in enterprises and electronic business activities. The data can be used for examining the information society from the viewpoint of enterprises. The statistics are statutory (Finnish Statistics Act 280/2004). These statistics are based on Regulations (EC) No 808/2004 and 1006/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council and on annual Council Regulations, e.g. 1099/2005, 1031/2006, 847/2007, 960/2008, 1023/2009, 821/2010.

Data content

Data on the use of information technology and electronic commerce in enterprises. For example, the Internet, intranet, extranet, broadband, home pages, services offered via home pages, electronic commerce, EDI.

Classifications used

The classifications used in the statistics are:

  • Industry
  • Enterprise size category.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are collected from enterprises with an inquiry. The statistics are produced as an enterprise inquiry based on a sample. The sampling method used is stratified simple random sampling. The main method of delivery for the data is an electronic form. The results are inflated to correspond to all enterprises in the examined industries and size categories.

Data collections

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

The statistics are completed yearly in November and describe for the main part the situation in January of the same year. In some respects the description concerns the previous year. Exact release dates are reported in the Release Calender at

Time series

Produced starting from 1998. The data concerning different years are not in all parts fully comparable. The longest time series are from 1999 onwards. The content varies yearly.


business enterprises, communication networks, communications engineering , computers, data protection, data security, electronic commerce, information society, information technology, internet, mobile phones

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