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Industrial output

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The statistics on industrial output contain data on sold and total outputs by commodity heading. The data are collected annually from enterprises or their establishments in the industry classes of Mining and Quarrying B, and Manufacturing C.

Data content

Data are inquired on the value and volume of all goods produced by an enterprise / establishment and sold outside the enterprise. The units used for measuring physical volumes vary according to commodity heading, and there are nearly 40 units in use. In addition, data are inquired on the volume of total output of certain separately defined commodities (in the case of vessels, the value of total output).

The data are collected from enterprises or establishments of enterprises. The data describe production in Finland during a calendar year. An establishment refers to an economic unit owned or controlled by one enterprise that produces goods and services of mainly one particular type usually at one location.

Because the data describe unit-level business activity, the use and release of the data are subject to general rules on data control. The statistics produced from the data are public.

Classifications used

Standard Industrial Classification 2008 and the PRODCOM classification of products by activity.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are collected with a questionnaire inquiry. Enterprises and establishments have been given the possibility of providing their data on a paper questionnaire or, since reference year 2005, on an electronic data collection questionnaire. The inquiry or its frame covers all industrial establishments of enterprises with at least 10 persons and the industrial establishments of non-industrial enterprises with at least 20 persons in the industry categories of Mining and Quarrying B, and Manufacturing C. The frame of the inquiry, the targeted population and the sample involved are described in more detail in the quality description of the statistics under 2. Methodological description of the statistical survey.

For tabulation, the statistical data are drawn from the database formed from data on production obtained with the commodity inquiry which contains the replies by commodity and establishment not yet summed up, still unencrypted, including so-called imputed data (based on estimation) as well as all other estimated data.

Data collections

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

The preliminary data mainly required by the European Union are ready by the end of June in the year following the statistical reference year. Revised data are published in the StatFin data service (Statistics Finland’s free statistical data site in self-service use) at the end of the November of the same year.

Time series

The comparability of the data is impaired by annual revisions of the commodity headings. In particular, the changing of the codes of all commodities as a result of the revision of the Standard Industrial Classification at the turn of reference years 2007 and 2008 makes comparison more difficult. In the same context, Publishing was moved from manufacturing to a new section, and Repair, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment was made into its own category 33.

By contrast, comparison is easier between 1997 and 2007 even if it is weakened by the annual revisions of the commodity classification. Data cannot be reliably compared with those from the period prior to 1997 due to changes in both the commodity classification used and concepts involving production. Starting with the statistics for 1997, the current PRODCOM-based classification and revised production concepts were adopted including sold output, as well as total output as concerns separately defined commodities. Data from the period prior to 1997 are available classified according to the HS coding (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of the World Customs Organization) of statistics on Finnish foreign trade (National Board of Customs).


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