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Volume index of newbuilding

Producer: Statistics Finland
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The volume index of newbuilding describes changes in the value at constant prices of newbuilding in domestic building construction from the comparison period or the base year of the index. Newbuilding refers to the construction of new buildings and building extensions subject to building permits.

Newbuilding is part of building construction, which in statistics is divided into newbuilding and renovation building. Newbuilding produces new space either as entirely new buildings or as extensions of existing buildings. Renovation building is done to existing buildings and continues to be divided into capital repairs and annual repairs in national accounts.

Data content

The published index series from the volume index of newbuilding are grouped by type of building into residential building and other building and by type builder into building trade and private building. Index series are also published classified by building category for residential buildings, commercial and office buildings, public service buildings, industrial buildings and agricultural buildings.

Classifications used

In the volume index of newbuilding, house building is classified into building categories according to their intended purpose of use. The purpose of use category of a building is determined by the activity that will take place in it. The building classification is maintained by Statistics Finland. Statistics Finland’s own building classification is not based on an international recommendation. Statistics Finland’s Classification of Buildings 1994 is largely congruent with the CC (Classification of Types of Construction, CC Version 19.3.1996, Eurostat, 1996)

Data collection methods and data sources

Data on building projects and phases are received at Statistics Finland with a delay of approximately seven weeks from the building and dwelling register of the Population Information System maintained by the Population Register Centre. The basic data for building prices per cubic metre are obtained from the Cost information for building construction system that is maintained by Haahtela-kehitys Oy.

All new building construction is subject o building permits in Finland. Municipal building supervision authorities monitor and collect information on building projects and on their progress. The information on building projects comprise data on the characteristics of buildings as well as other information on e.g. municipality of location, mode of construction (prefabricated, built in-situ) and main builder (construction company, other). The information concerning building stage contains data on year and month of granting of building permit, start date and completion date. The start date has been defined as the year and month of site survey.

Updating frequency

One month.

Time of completion or release

Published with a delay of approximately eight weeks.

Time series

Monthly time series 1990=100, 1995=100 and 2000=100. Previously, the volume index of newbuilding was only published quarterly under the name of volume index of building costruction with the oldest base year of 1958=100.


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