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Retrospective time series will be published for the statistics on real estate prices starting from 2010

Retrospective time series from 2010 onwards according to the new calculation method revised earlier this year are published for the indices of old single-family houses and single-family house plots. The calculation was made to enable longer term comparison of data. The base year of the retrospectively calculated series is 2010=100.

The now published 2010=100 series was calculated in a similar method to the 2015=100 series. The series differ from each other as regards the weight structure and the coefficients for quality standardisation. Differences also arise due to changes in municipalities because they have an effect on the classifications. In the currently published series, the classification based on the population is made based on the year 2010, while in the 2015=100 series it is made based on the year 2015. A key change is the transfer of Kuopio to the category of over 100,000 inhabitants in the 2015=100 series.

The published data differ from the indices published earlier for the corresponding periods (2005=100 series and 1985=100 series). Because of methodological and classification changes, the index series are not comparable with each other.

The index series of old single-family houses and plots 2010=100 are continued by chaining them with changes according to the 2015=100 indices starting from the first quarter of 2017.

Changes are not made to the statistics on prices of new single-family houses.

Last updated 4.12.2017

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