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Published: 28 May 2010

Volume of goods transported by lorries decreased in 2009

A total of 344 million tonnes of goods were transported by lorries in domestic road transport in 2009. Compared with 2008, the volume of goods transported decreased by 18 per cent. The total transport volume of lorries amounted to 24,262 million tonne-kilometres, which is 12 per cent down on 2008. Professional or licensed transport accounted for 82 per cent of the total volume of goods and for 91 per cent of the transport volume. These data derive from the statistics on domestic goods transport by road compiled by Statistics Finland.

Volume of goods transported by lorries by quarter

Volume of goods transported by lorries by quarter

Measured in tonnes, the most transported type of goods was soil, amounting to 137 million tonnes, or 40 per cent of the total volume of goods. Despite the large volume of tonnes, transport of soil materials made up only 11 per cent of the tonne-kilometres, because the average transport journey of soil materials is short. The second most transported goods were saw timber and pulpwood, being around seven per cent of the tonnes and eight per cent of the tonne-kilometres. The average transport journey of all types of goods was 48 kilometres in 2009. The length of empty journeys was, on average, 30 kilometres and that of laden journeys 62 kilometres. In laden journeys the average length of transports of soil materials was 14 kilometres and transports of saw timber and pulpwood 88 kilometres, on average.

In 2009 a total of 5.1 million tonnes of goods were transported in Finnish lorries in international transport, which is 12 per cent less than in 2008. The transport volume was 3,411 million tonne-kilometres.

Source: Goods Transport by Road 2009, Statistics Finland

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