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Differences in values of imports between national accounts and input-output tables

The value of imports in the supply and use and input-output tables 2000-2005 is smaller than the revised value of imports in national accounts data published in January 2008. Because of the time-consuming process involved in balancing the supply and use tables, no attempt to rebalance the supply and use sides has been made at this stage. Values of imports in supply and use tables and input-output tables will be corrected together with other national accounts revisions. New tables will be published in 2009. Till then the total value of imports in the tables will diverge from the revised value of imports as shown in the table.

Imports of goods and services, EUR million.

  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Revised value 44856 44520 44584 45965 50284 58813
Supply and use tables 44156 43120 42762 44168 48577 56953
Difference 700 1400 1822 1797 1707 1860

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