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Reviews to National Accounts in 2014

In September 2014, EU Member States will implement the revised European System of National and Regional Accounts, ESA 2010. As a result of the revision, the system of national accounts will describe the economic environment better than at present and respond to the new information needs of data users.

ESA 2010 revises the methods of national accounts, expands their data content and speeds up the reporting of national accounts data. At the same time, the European System of Accounts will become uniform with the new global recommendation of national accounts, SNA 2008.

The revision also has an effect on other legislation relating to national accounts. According to current estimates, reporting on the public deficit and debt according to the European Union's Growth and Stability Pact will be made on the basis of ESA 2010 simultaneously with the rest of the national accounts in September 2014. Reporting on gross national income, which is used when defining the Member States' payment contributions to the EU budget, is estimated to become based on ESA 2010 in 2015 or 2016.

Training about the revision

Statistics Finland will give information about the transition timetable of different sections of national accounts in early 2014. Statistics Finland will also arrange training concerning the revision for users of national accounts in the first half of 2014.

Statistics Finland has opened a website related to the revision. As the ESA 2010 revision progresses, material related to the revision will be added to the site.

Further information: Mika Sainio +358 9 1734 2686

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