Finland in Europe Survey

The Finland in Europe survey measures the values and opinions of people living in Finland, for example, in terms of social justice and social relationships as well as the prevailing corona situation. The survey is part of an extensive European research project involving some 30 countries.

When and how are the data collected?

Statistics Finland will collect the data during spring 2022. The persons selected to the survey will receive by post a letter containing instructions for responding. Altogether 4,500 persons aged at least 15 living in Finland are drawn randomly for the survey. Each of the interviewees represents around 1,300 Finnish residents in the survey. The questionnaire is in Finnish and in Swedish.

Participation by as many as possible of those drawn to the sample ensures that the survey results give a comprehensive and correct picture of the experiences and views of people living in Finland. The data collected in the survey on Finnish residents’ opinions will be utilised by researchers, decision-makers, citizens' organisation and the media.

Data protection

The survey and data processing will be conducted under strict confidentiality and adhering to both national and EU data protection legislation. Individual survey responses will be processed in such a way that no individual respondent can be identified from the data made available for researchers.

Further information

If you need more information, please contact:
Email: or by telephone: +358 050 412 4944.


Statistics Finland:
Senior Statistician Johanna Koivula, tel. +358 29 551 3571,
Senior Statistician Juhani Saari, tel. +358 29 551 3537,

University of Turku:
Professor Heikki Ervasti, tel. +358 29 450 2158,


Survey material

Advance letter (pdf, in Finnish)
Brochure (pdf, in Finnish)